About Us

Agency EUROBALKANCONSULT Ltd., was established as consulting law office in 1993 in Sofia. At that time Bulgaria and its legal system were still standing astraddle between the past and the future.

Our own office is located at the capitol city of Sofia nearby all Ministries and major government institutions, courts, banks and municipal offices.

The founders conception was to establish a private law firm, working as a new one but using the main principles of British shipping law firms. With rational expectations and reasonable goals. One step at the time.

At first, we had only good professional lawyers with broadly diversified contacts including in the government administration, having had the chance to develop their professional career in the environment and rules of market economy.

Bulgarian Shipping and Aviation always complied with international trade and the market rules.

During the recent political changes in Bulgaria, we the company founders were able to transform our efforts into the private sector.

Our good knowledge and experience about  international institutions such as UN, IMO, ICAO etc., the international conventions and other instruments, connected with shipping, together with our valuable practical experience in those fields helped us from the beginning uninterrupted until now.

We are aware of European law, particularly well aware of the part, connected with Shipping and Aviation. We never forget that ships are sailing not only around the European coasts and we are vividly aware that our seas are only a small part of the World Ocean.

A chance for us is the personal engagement of our representatives in solving serious international law collisions, connected with the shipping in all aspects – ships collisions, connected with victims; releasing of arrested crews, ships and cargoes from foreign administrations;ship arrests and releasing from arrests. Those are examples of our daily work.

Team working is important for us in solving the cases and while defending the interests of our clients, team work are based on accomplished and diligent individuals, experience and intellect, at the same time decisions are made by those in charge.

The founder and the other partners are lawyers and advocates with considerable specialized experience – both in government and in the private sector and many enjoy with well established and various social contacts.

Gradually we became associated with technical experts with collection of wealth of vast experience in the shipping and aviation.

Our activities are organized in Sofia, Varna, Bourgas and Rousse in order to providebest possible legal and expert help in each particular case.

We have worked and we are still working well with the government institutions in these areas of economy which are crossing our knowledge and experience.

Without pretending to be “experts in all fields”, what we have undertaken, we execute with due responsibility. Diligent work today assures our clients for the good work to be performed tomorrow. And we can face-up our clients straight in the eyes.

Our Agency is the Bulgarian partner in US-Bulgarian EURO BALKAN AMERICA CONSULTING Consortium, established for engagement in projects such as trans-continental transport of energy, Euro corridors, etc.

Representatives of our Agency became the founders of the Center for research and integration BALKANI – EUROPE, which is engaged in development of conceptions, strategies, programs and projects for the Balkan problems and regional cooperation.

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We can communicate in Bulgarian, English and Russian