Funds are needed for rescuing efficient units in Bulgarian territorial waters

 5 January 2008 | 14:03 | FOCUS News Agency

Sofia. Our marine administration is good structured although the system of the Ministry of Transport is too bureaucratic which is an obstacle for its efficiency. Bulgaria is working for years in the field of searching and rescuing operations, ruling partner of EuroBalkanConsult Ltd. Anton Antonov commented to FOCUS News Agency. As an answer of a question how often in the Bulgarian territorial waters could be conducted rescuing operations, the expert said: ”The main ships that could do this had already been exported of the state. There are small ships that I haven’t sea-going ability I mean they couldn’t enter far out at sea.” Antonov said that the Marine administration, its institutions and the units of the Ministry of Transport haven’t got helicopters that could be used in rescuing operations.
“Ministry of Interior or the Bulgarian Armed Forces own helicopters that hypothetically could be used. But when there must be an efficient rescuing system its just in theory.” Anton Antonov said further.
As an answer of a question how the control could be improved, Antonov said: “There must be a control unit. The state must allot budget funds for efficient units of searching and rescuing operations of the ports of Burgas, Varna, and Danube ports. That could be realized due to faster ships and one helicopter at least.”
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7 January 2008 | 10:22 | FOCUS News Agency